B and ZY Home

West Plains

Minimalist living and lifestyle shift the focus from a loud and unique art piece, furniture and styling to focusing on the user’s ritual and habits of living. The lack of contrasting finishes is substituted with details that showcase spaces with clean lines and flushed panels that tuck away the clutter within the apartment.

White-toned walls are paired with warm light to synchronise the entire apartment look with the warm wood panels and floor to create a homogeneous feel and look, and matte finishes are used to prevent unnecessary glare.

To break the monotony of the space, frames can be found throughout the apartment that captures the various moments that are designed with the owner’s lifestyle and habits, creating a more intimate conversation between the owner and space.

Design by: Soh Xin Hui

Photo by:   Ng Ci En

Text by:      Chua Min Sheng