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King Albert Park Residences

As an unconventional approach to typical loft units, the implementation of levels breaks the scale of this loft unit while keeping the spaces functional.

To maximise storage, deep shelve unit and concealed storage were designed to reduce visual clutter within this 50sqm apartment. The built-in platform that forms the sleeping space extends out to become the study table while the daybed becomes a step to enter into the raised sleeping space. This opens up the living room space that could be used for entertaining guest and create a more unified and seamless interior throughout the apartment.

Sliding flute glass panel encased in black powder coated mild steel frame provides privacy in the sleeping space while allowing maximum light to penetrate to create an airy and bright interior.

Design by: Ng Ci En and Soh Xin Hui

Photo by:   Ng Ci En

Model:         Soh Xin Hui

Text by:       Chua Min Sheng