C and V Home

The Poiz Residences

The element of frame in this apartment plays a vital role in capturing the panoramic view of the living space. The sheer curtain allows gentle light to flood into the interior, and the frame channels our attention to the continual interaction of light and space. Stone textured wall cladding is paired with the mirror to visually expand the space and contrast the tv console's warm materiality. Through this visual and sensory contrast, it creates a meditative atmosphere that appeals to the senses.


The elevated platform in the master bedroom creates a different volume and sense of space for the dwellers. The platform also provides additional storage to hide clutter from sight. Dark wood headboard and fin details are balanced with light textured wall panels to introduce an intimate ambience to retreat for the day.


The double-decker loft bed is a getaway and retreat to a kid's private happy ground. Rounded corners and arches around this playhouse heightened the element of play and excitement. Study and sleeping areas are on different floors, connected through a solid wood ladder that emphasises on traditional joinery. The hideaway loft space is designed with various small nooks to add personal touches to space. A fixed glass panel by the window allows for ventilation and opens up space beyond where imagination runs.

Design by: Soh Xin Hui

Photo by:   Colloc

Text by:      Soh Xin Hui