Hock Hoon Office

Sungei Kadut

Founded in 1990 as a carpentry business catered to homeowners, Hock Hoon’s new office focuses on creating a home feeling with warm lighting and minimalistic design within their new workshop space and a new venture into providing Interior Design Services. Although small, it contains many intimate spaces emulating the cosiness in homes, portraying their understanding of home, as an abode and safe haven for homeowners to escape to. The usage of stained oak accompanied by powder-coated black mild steel also creates contrast in materiality and tactility while maintaining the clean lines that emulate within the whole space, keeping everything minimalistic yet multi-functional. The selective introduction of different colours within the space creates a form of feature within the synonymous space, creating a sense of surprise that accent well with the monochromatic colour scheme like the rug within the discussion area defines the living space within a home, where intimate discussion and family gathering happens and the use of different wood colours defines the different hierarchy of objects placed within the full height cabinet.