WJ Home

Parc Riviera

The apartment strike a balance between luxury and comfort through the use of materials from two extreme ends. Upon entering the house, the light timber wall panels integrated with storage cabinet creates an unobstructed view that elongates the flow into the living room. This allows the space to look uncluttered and clean.  The stretch of mirrors on the adjacent wall is a conversation piece that transcends the functionality. It is a dialogue between the user and the space. The loud expression paired with the use of earthy wood tone and stone textures create a sense of tranquillity and flow to the place. 

The master suite expresses luxury with a visual and tactile experience through the composition of different materials. The full height upholstered headboard complement the grey tinted glass to lengthen the look of the space. Accents of bronze trimmings between the upholstery and mirror, accentuate the luxurious feel. The fabric textured wall panels add a softer and subtle touch, allowing one to feel safe and unwind for the day.

Design by: Soh Xin Hui

Photo by:   Ng Ci En