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years of design

In 2024, we honour a dual milestone: the golden jubilee of our founder Ng Chin Hok’s masterful woodworking legacy and the 5th anniversary of the brand’s vibrant renewal under the stewardship of his son, Ng Ci En, alongside his future daughter-in-law, Soh Xin Hui and his buddy, Chua Min Sheng.

In this special feature, we delve into our origins and the evolution of our brand over the last five years, offering insights into the strategic journey that has shaped our identity.

Xin Hui came on board

Xin Hui came on board soon after Ci En’s comeback. Her training at Singapore’s top few firms and experience with upscale residential and commercial projects, such as a condominium show flat, refined her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to integrate diverse materials cohesively. She holds a firm conviction that design significantly influences individuals and their surrounding environment. It has the ability to engage people’s senses and foster a connection with their surroundings.

Her contributions were significant in curating Hock Hoon’s exquisite portfolio, which includes the award-winning Mindful Living, the Walk-up Sanctuary private gallery, and the sophisticated Simply Home residential project.


Each project under Xin Hui’s direction poses fresh challenges for Hock, compelling him to devise innovative and unconventional details that enhance his craftsmanship.

New member, Min Sheng

In 2020, Ci En’s best friend, Min Sheng, joined the team. With experience from multiple award-winning architectural firms and involvement in significant projects such as the reconstruction of landed properties, Min Sheng brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. His expertise in work processes was crucial in establishing efficient systems at Hock Hoon.

Oh yes, he was an apprentice under Hock during his school time.

Studio at Sungei Kadut

Three designers met with clients and created design work within the confines of a 60sqft studio. The proximity to the workshop space just outside provided a unique advantage, allowing them to witness their designs coming to life and facilitating direct communication with the craftsmen on any design queries.

Yet, as the material library expanded, the need for a more spacious environment became apparent, one that could better support their growing resources

New Studio Space

The team required a larger space to accommodate its expansion and the growing library.

Ci En had set sights on an office at Shaw Road, boasting the perfect size and large windows that welcomed natural light and the outdoors. Despite the competitive wait for this property, they seized the opportunity to occupy the space as soon as it became available

Awarded for the work

The team was awarded multiple design awards, with the first award in 2020 for the project 'Mindful Living' condo at Reflections. 

To be continued.

Over the past five years, the team has drawn valuable lessons from each project, continually refining their workflow and honing the craft. In the realm of design, there are no shortcuts or foolproof formulas. A friend of Ci En once mentioned that perfecting one’s craft is a futile endeavour; it’s better to focus on expansion. While this might hold true for other businesses, design is an exception. It’s an industry deeply rooted in human experience, communication, and ethics.

In their pursuit of enriching the design community, they’ve taken an active role in mentoring emerging designers. They're committed to instilling a strong sense of design ethics in them and nurturing their abilities in design thinking and problem-solving.

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