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About Hock Hoon.

HH is an award-winning design consultancy that designs well-crafted spaces for homes, retail, and workspaces. Imbued by the possibilities and opportunities of architectural articulation through spatial design, 

HH works reflect the nuances of achieving functionality with aesthetics.


As a furniture company that produced functional wardrobes and cabinets in the 90s and transits into an established interior design consultancy brand, we believe that the realization of a project requires seamless and open communication between the designers and artisans; an experienced project manager will manage projects at HH.


Backed by a team of highly dedicated craftsmen with deep technical knowledge, we can provide an end-to-end tailor-made design solution for residential and commercial spaces.


Ng Chin Hok, Founder of Hock Hoon
Ng Ci En, Hock Hoon
Soh Xin Hui, Hock Hoon
Chua Min Sheng, Creative Director, Hock Hoon
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