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The apartment exudes a dreamy disposition with its neutral earth tones and soft edges and is the very definition of an urban sanctuary. The marriage of a cool and dark palette set a harmonious atmosphere in this apartment. ​

​The Urban Sanctuary 

Forest Woods Residences, Singapore

Status: Completed 2021

Type: Residential Design, Private Housing

Photographer and Videographer: Colloc

A wraparound design forms the backing of the living room before curving perpendicularly to form a nook for the dining area, this separates the living and dining areas from the foyer, while also acting as a countertop space that incorporates the shoe storage.

Shades of grey are contrasted with a dark full height cabinet on the opposite wall to create a balance in the proportion of space. This provides a tranquil atmosphere for the dwellers to unload their minds after a day of work.

The entire living, dining and kitchen area was redone to open up the space to make the space feel expansive, calm and efficient to suit the owner's lifestyle.

The compact dining area, in particular, features a built-in bench and dining table. The customised table features a semi-round shape, with a quartz top and black steel legs.

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