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Year: 2023

Type: Residential, Public Housing (compact)


Featured on: STACKED

This apartment embraces moments of pause while fostering a versatile living environment. Balancing openness with ample storage creates a space for clarity of mind. Thoughtfully incorporated steps and sliding partitions throughout the home encourage homeowners to pause and reflect on their day.

Upon entry, a lattice sliding door marks the foyer as a transitional zone between the external environment and the home. Flanking this area is a series of light wood concealed cabinets with a cantilevered platform for sitting, encouraging the ritual of removing and stowing shoes as a symbolic transition into the home. 

The lattice sliding door balances transparency and opacity, allowing light to diffuse gently into the foyer. It is also a shared door panel to the display cabinet, allowing adaptability for the homeowners to conceal or reveal their sake collection for different occasions when hosting gatherings.

The communal space diverges from the conventional destinated living and dining area by incorporating a platform with an integrated table lift. This mechanism allows it to transform into a mealtime surface or retract flush with the floor, maintaining an open and versatile space.

To gain more light in the corridor, we created an opening with sliding windows along the master bedroom wall. The translucent acrylic allows the effect of light to be controlled more delicately, gently illuminating a soft and subtle glow in the centre of the house.

As one transits into the private areas of the house, the arrangement of the study, walk-in wardrobe and sleeping area are planned strategically to emphasise connectivity while maintaining the flexibility to close off the individual sections as needed.

The sleeping area is on a platform with steps leading to the study and walk-in wardrobe space. The full-height sliding door facilitates separation when the study area requires privacy for work or when one occupant needs to access the walk-in wardrobe earlier in the day.

The study’s table is seamlessly integrated as a single piece that extends into the walk-in wardrobe, serving as a ledge while allowing natural light to filter into the dressing area. This gesture creates a cohesive and adaptable space that seamlessly accommodates various needs.



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