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Year: 2023

Type: Residential, Public Housing 


Looking from within its four walls and conventional layout that fits into a young, growing family, this three-bedroom apartment, sets out to break from its mundane repertoire right from the spatial arrangement. An intricate balance of warm yet restrained was crafted to create space for introspection and sanctuary for the owners and a safe space to grow with their kids.

Upon entering the apartment, a low ceiling and, full-height timber feature extends from the wall to the ceiling, wraps the entire foyer area to form a clear demarcation between the foyer and the main living space.

Drawing from the same line as the foyer, the kitchen was placed beside the foyer to create a visual expanse of space for the main living space, where the Living and Dining areas are in one big space to allow for unobstructed movement and inform a sense of freedom.


Though open, spaces for introspection and isolation were also peppered throughout the living space to create private nooks for the owners to retreat into while maintaining visual connectedness.

In the process of providing more space for the main living area, storage was carefully planned and not compromised especially within the Kitchen. Instead of walls, full-height cabinetry were employed to maximise every millimetre of storage, while keeping usability and efficiency of the kitchen.

The communal space diverges from the conventional destinated living and dining area by incorporating a platform with an integrated table lift. This mechanism allows it to transform into a mealtime surface or retract flush with the floor, maintaining an open and versatile space.



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