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We believe best homes are well-crafted and timeless spaces that take into account the nuances of how their occupants live: their lifestyle, habits, idiosyncrasies and such.

Selected works 

In a home where simplicity reigns and everything has its place, its residents can relax and enjoy life in the slow lane.

A combination of clean lines and a light material palette chosen for this apartment exudes the minimalistic design approach to this three-bedroom apartment located in the bustling fringes of the city. 

Minimalist living and lifestyle shifts the focus from loud and unique art piece, furniture and styling to focusing on the user’s ritual and habits of living. 

The apartment strike a balance between luxury and comfort through the use of materials from two extreme ends. 

Well-defined spaces play a crucial in providing more functionality into a small living area because it helps to define the private and shared living spaces within a homogeneous layout.

As an unconventional approach to typical loft units, the implementation of levels breaks the scale of this loft unit while keeping the spaces functional.

The apartment is expressed in a simplistic form with a touch of luxury. The infiltration of light complements the light colour scheme to give off a spacious and welcoming space. 

Hock Hoon, Ng Ci En, Soh Xin Hui, Interior Design Singapore, Chua Min Sheng, Sohen, Ng Chin Hok, crafted by Hock Hoon, craftsmenship singapore, carpenter singapore

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